About two-thirds of them believe that the situation in the country is heading in the wrong direction (respectively 69 per cent. And 65 per cent.). The same as in September are the assessments of the private sphere. Three-fifths of respondents (61 percent.) Expressed satisfaction with the level of his life and his family. One third of respondents (34 percent.) Estimated that on average they live, neither good nor bad. Only one in twenty (5 percent). Believes that he and his family live badly.

According to the CBOS research at a fairly high level, they remain also evaluate the material conditions of households. Still 58 percent. of respondents are satisfied with the material conditions of their households. Slightly more than one-third (36 percent.) Say that they are mediocre, and 6 percent. It defines them as evil. Opinions about the situation in the workplace remained at the level of the previous month.

Two-thirds of workers (66 percent.) Assesses her well, approximately one-quarter (24 percent). Considers average, and only one in twelve (8 per cent.) For bad. With CBOS survey shows that slightly improved predictions about the political situation in Poland. One quarter of respondents (25 per cent., Compared to September increased by 3 percentage points) believe that next year the situation will improve. This is the best result since January this year.

Every seventh respondent (14 per cent., A decrease of 3 points) predicts that the political situation will worsen. Invariably, the largest part of respondents (48 percent). Considers that in this area will not change. Forecasts of the economic situation remained at the level of September. Slightly more than a third of respondents (35 percent.) Believe that next year the economy will improve. The largest portion of respondents (45 percent.) Does not expect changes, and nine (11 percent).

Fears of deterioration. According to the CBOS public mood remains stable. In recent months, we note no major changes. In comparison with September also little changed. You can only point out that, from August, we observe a very slow increase in sentiment regarding the economy and politics.

This includes both assessment and predictions. CBOS survey was carried out for 4 to 11 October, numbering 1,079 people representative random sample of adult Polish citizens. In December, the commission has to deal with a matter of re-privatization building at ul. Noakowskiego head of the commission 16. What Patrick (PiS) made the president Gronkiewicz-Waltz proposal that took part in the meeting as a witness, not a party, because reprywatyzowany in 2003.

Building hit among in the hands of her husband Gronkiewicz-Waltz, the Waltz Andrew. Mayor of Warsaw refused to participate in committee meetings, because - as he says - it is unconstitutional. Announced that it will communicate with the committee in such a way that it deems legitimate. According to Paul Rabieja (N) of the Verification Commission, the President of the capital must appear at the meeting ws. Noakowski 16, because it has to be a witness, and the witness can be brought. See also: Commission investigates verification restitution Nowogrodzkiej 6a »In the opinion of political scientist prof. Kazimierz Kik "Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz sooner step down as mayor of Warsaw than appear before the committee restitution." "She denied its position and it no longer takes the form of so irrational that with time, the public may begin to think that something is in fact not so '- he said.

According to the caller PAP "behavior Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz definitely undermines confidence in her." "There comes a moment that Ms. Gronkiewicz-Waltz, will be forced to appear before the committee. Abstrahujmy of whether or not she there presents himself as a party or as a witness. The need does not arise from the fact that one sees some of her guilt. I mean, that the course of conduct extraordinary committee discovers more and more interesting twists and alleys process of re-privatization "- explained KiK. He recalled that the same Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz admitted that in the capital of a system of criminal act. As the political scientist noted, "the workflow and results of the special committee on the re-privatization create new circumstances that lead to the fact that the presence Gronkiewicz-Waltz, the special committee will be even more necessary" .See also Rabiej restitution: I am calling Mrs.

President, that stood before the "Mayor of Warsaw has so far not once faced the verification committee, for which he was fined a total of fines in the amount of 37 thousand. zlotys. Czarzasty Polsat News apologized for a tweet Saturday Senyszyn plan for the introduction of salaries for the first lady, including Agata Duda-Kornhauser. Senyszyn said that "the salary for the president's wife is absurd." "Just as the term first lady. For being a wife you can possibly get a salary from her husband if his wife will employ a cook, housekeeper, babysitter ... When Dudow - as a clothes hanger.

The first hanger" - wrote Senyszyn.Czarzasty apologized for the language she used Senyszyn. "I think I need to contact her, and a moment to talk. There are situations that should be rectified" - these words podkreslil.Za Andrzej Duda thanked the head of the Democratic Left Alliance on Twitter. "Nice and decent gesture. As a husband and greet @wlodekczarzasty thank you!" - wrote prezydent.Czarzasty stressed on Sunday that it is for this that the first lady or first husbands were getting salaries. "I am in favor also, if it will be adjusted to take into account the issues of pensions previous ladies, who together with their husbands, because that was the practice, helping them fulfill this function. This is not a normal situation, in order to legally someone prohibit the work and in no way regulate it matter relating to social insurance or insurance, "- he said. Italian media report on Tuesday, the matter of marriage from Piedmont; the child has been taken from them in 2013, after he left them for a few minutes in the car on the front yard. When neighbors noticed this, they called the police. Parents and explained that their daughter having a month then slept in the car and did not want to wake her.

Along with this episode, as recalled by the Italian press, they began their court battle for the right to health. The girl was born in 2010, when her mother was 57 years, and his father almost 69. They decided on artificial insemination abroad, when it was considered not suitable for adoptive parents because of their age. Family Court, who has studied the issue of leaving the child in the car, he decided that his daughter "parents-grandparents," as they are called in the media, will go up for adoption. From 2013 girl no longer has any contact with their biological parents, he went to a new adoptive family.

Because parents continue fighting to regain his daughter, the case went to the Supreme Court. As a major reason for his action they gave that lower courts showed, among others, their age, arguing that they have and will have in the future, problems with providing the child proper care and adequate development. In 2016, the Supreme Court sent the case back to the Court of Appeal, ruling that there is no age limit for parents. On Monday the Court of Appeal dismissed their appeal Turin to adopt the girl and kept her in power. "We were not given time to show that we will be good parents," - said Gabriella and Luigi cars Deambrosis newspaper "Corriere della Sera" on Tuesday. They pointed out that the experts before the appellate court found that both of them are healthy and that their age does not matter. "What matters is the love that we gave her" - stressed.

They declared that they will not give up and will continue to fight for her daughter. In the press, there are also voices of family judges that the appeal court was guided by the interests of the child. Was assessed as the president of the juvenile court of Rome Melita Cavallo, it can not now be disconnected girl with her new family. From Rome Sylwia Wysocka (PAP) IN On Wednesday in Warsaw was signed sales contract sets of Poland by the US air defense Patriot missiles PAC-3 MSE being developed and battlefield management system IBCS. The contract for the first phase amounts to 4 billion 750 million dollars (16.6 billion zl). 700 million zl has hit the Polish plants involved in the "Vistula".

In the second phase, Poland intends to buy another cheaper batteries with missiles and a new surround, radar and not sectoral. "This master agreement, the most important for the first phase of the system + + Vistula. This year we plan to conclude new agreements related to the planned implementation of the first stage" - told PAP Marciniak. He recalled that the agreement between the governments in the formula of the Foreign Military Sales regulates the sale abroad of equipment, which uses the US wojsko.Zwrocil also note that the American authorities - offering a set of battlefield management system, and in the next phase of the surround radar, which only has be incorporated into the Patriot - agreed to deviate from the principle of Foreign Military Sales and apply the procedure Yockey Waiver. "The US government allowed the participation of Poland and the acquisition of a system that is not yet deployed the armed forces of the United States" - Marciniak.Dodal said that the agreement covers acquisition of the main elements of the "Vistula", such as radars, launchers, command and control posts, logistical support and engineering services, participation in programs, expert, and by the end of the year will be signed another agreement related to the contract. "We focus on the conclusion of agreements with the Polish defense industry on the elements that Polish industry will be able to produce for the system Wisla - is mainly about vehicles including specialized transport and loading missiles, and elements of communication systems "- said plenipotentiary minister. system" Vistula "." Conversations on. the second phase starting on 16 April. We are going to develop a timetable for implementation of the second phase and proceed to its implementation "- zapowiedzial.Glowne tasks facing Mr. efore negotiators are - pointed Marciniak - "to determine how to implement the agreement, which has already been signed, specify the schedule of the second phase, we can as soon as possible to conclude an agreement and obtaining the necessary operational information, classified on the future of the Patriot." "The heart of the Polish system is to be IBCS , the Americans called a system of systems. This is an element that integrates all sensors, ie, radars, and all the effectors, or missiles, which can be used for sectoral and omnidirectional air defense "- said Marciniak." We want him because IBCS is a system of the future air defense, thanks to sieciocentrycznosci, modularity and the possibilities offered by "- dodal.Pelnomocnik stressed that although the final stage of negotiations began in early September last year. r., the negotiations lasted for several years." Coming to the United States, we had to sometimes 80-90 against the people, specialists in narrow areas. Our delegation was less numerous, but I think we were equal partners "- said Marciniak.Po signing the main contract delivery in the first phase of the program" Vistula "is scheduled to conclude further agreements with the US government for training, cryptographic hardware and system components Link-16 communications and five contracts with national industry - vehicles, specialized booths and mobile communications nodes.

We believe that you have to own a strong voice to explain things restitution, because absent are wrong - Halicki said on TVN24 on Monday, when asked whether Gronkiewicz-Waltz should appear before the committee for verification. Reprivatisation. How rated, even if it is suspected that the verification commission is unconstitutional, the presence of the Mayor of Warsaw for the meeting is "valuable and indicated." Halicki recalled that "Gronkiewicz-Waltz has repeatedly explained that having a strong opinion on the committee and how it work, decides to settle their affairs in a court." He stressed that the President of Warsaw decides to niestawiennictwie before the commission "on the basis of their legal analysis and their conviction and has every right to do." He noted, however, that he "in its place" before he shall presently also komisja.zobacz Patryk What promises regarding disclosure of unpublished documents. Noakowskiego building at 16 »On Monday and Tuesday, the commission will examine the verification restitution building at ul. Noakowskiego 16, to which part of in 2003.

Has acquired the right, among others, capital husband President Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz. Together with her husband she was summoned by the committee on swiadka.zobacz also: Case Noakowskiego 16. Mayor of Warsaw summoned by the verification committee "So far, the president of the capital did not appear even once before the committee, which called her before their proceedings as a party. Commission has so far imposed a total of 40 thousand. zl unjustified fines for failure to appear. The president of the capital refuses to appear before the committee as a party to the proceedings, arguing that the commission is unconstitutional. The Commission also rejected requests Gronkiewicz-Waltz on evading those fines, where it refers to the Regional Administrative Court in Warsaw. Budget surplus in January-July amounted to 2.4 billion zl; VAT revenue in this period was higher by 24.4 per cent. year on year, an increase of approx.

18.5 billion zl - reported on Friday the Ministry of Finance. "This result is a success, but the success of the weaknesses of the investment come at a price. Smaller payments are due to the lower level of investments financed by the European funds" - pointed prof. Elizabeth Maczynska. She explained that the surplus is the result of, among others, improving the economic situation and the fact that more people are working, they are more tax revenue from salaries. "We were also partially reduce the leakage of the tax system of various payments, which is a hole-owska VAT was reduced a little. But she is still" - said economist. In her view, budget revenues are good, but also so that "success does not blinding," you have to remember that the budget surplus would be different if more investment was financed with European funds.

According to prof. Maczynska "these are still weak investment processes make expends less from the budget for subsidies to investment projects financed from EU funds." The expert reminded, however, that we have a budget surplus for the first time in 28 years, because the whole period were deficits in the state budget. "It is worth noting that any deficit in the annual state budget increases public debt. It means so much grows debt. Therefore, the surplus means that there is growing public debt, he falls, and we have it in the statistics shown" - she said.